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This is a great story. It made me smile. I'm sure there's a deep and meaningful parallel between studio recording after touring and time off for life and practicing (or not) gracefully rolling your kayak after touring and time off for other sports and life... and bandmates or friends never letting you live something down... but I can make my own Eisensteinian montages out of anything ;) And so the end of this not story is to say thanks for sharing yours.

Laurie Mooneyham Baker

How well I remember such times, as both our fathers were (simultaneously, perhaps) bitten by that river bug many years ago. Dad paddled until just months before he died, and we cast his ashes into the James to keep him in that watery sanctuary he so loved. Personally, I have always preferred a solo whitewater canoe to any claustrophobic kayak, but Dad was suitably unconvinced. Nonetheless, I paddled this weekend and spent time with him by proxy. We communed. Your story brought me back again to those sweetly haunting trips, and easy summers in Blackstone.

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